Top places to buy apartments in Dubai

Dubai is one of the few densely populated and popular metropolitan areas in the world where there are no problems with housing. The real estate market is simply oversaturated with attractive offers, especially if you are not too tight on funds. City apartments, studios, penthouses, villas by the sea or private houses surrounded by their own garden, laconic interiors, lush interior decoration with gilding – immigrants can realize any dream here.

If you are not constrained in funds, then you can easily find a suitable housing option that would satisfy the needs of both yours and your family. In order not to make a rash purchase, you need to carefully check everything, and the lease is usually signed for a year, and the desire to terminate it ahead of time will lead to financial losses. We’ve put together the factors you need to pay attention to when looking for housing, and have prepared the top 10 districts best suited for expatriates.

What shall expats know when choosing the real property

If the living conditions are poor, then your vacation can be completely ruined, not to mention if you move to Dubai for permanent residence. Therefore, there are several rules when choosing real estate for sale in Dubai.

  1. Type of housing
  2. Flats in Dubai– if you like the city bustle and do not want to spend tome doing gardening, this variant will suit you perfectly. An average flat or apartment can be rented or purchased cheaper than a villa, of course, if we are not talking about housing located in the very center or by the sea.
  3. Townhouse. This is a cross between an apartment and a private house. This type of housing, which is very popular in Europe, is also found in Dubai. A townhouse is a low-rise building with several apartments. Each of the apartments has a separate entrance, adjoining lawn and front garden, and often also a garage.
  4. Villa. This includes both small private houses with several rooms and luxury apartments with a private pool, garden, tennis court, etc.
  5. Developed infrastructure

Availability of the infrastructure you need in the immediate vicinity. If you did not move to Dubai yourself, but with your wife and children, then you will probably need a school or kindergarten, playgrounds, a shopping center, or at least a few good shops, a hospital, etc. not far from your home.

  • Cost of real estate

There are very expensive areas in Dubai like Dubai Marina or Jumeirah but you can buy the same villa or townhouse in another region but for a much less price.

  • Distance from work

This is how far away the housing is from your place of work. Public transport (metro, buses, taxis) is well established in Dubai, and buying a good car, as well as servicing it, is not so expensive. However, remember that Dubai is still a metropolis in which many people live, which means that all the other “delights” of a big city are present: lack of places in public transport, inability to catch a taxi, traffic jams, etc. It is better if you do not have to travel across the city to the place of work.

  • Area safety

There are no very bad areas in Dubai but still surrounding is very important. It is not in vain that the police are paid here, maintaining order at the highest level, so you should not be afraid of districts remote from the center. If you are not going to buy housing, but are only set for rent, then the prestige of the area will most likely become a secondary factor when choosing. If you want to buy an apartment or a villa, then consider purchasing real estate as a profitable investment, on the sale of which you can someday earn money, which means you should take a closer look at the popular tourist areas of Dubai.

Best regions to buy property in Dubai

Each of Dubai’s residential areas has both advantages and some disadvantages. It is rather difficult to judge what a particular person will like in connection with his needs.

  1. Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR).

There are both luxurious apartments and stunning villas here. There is no modest housing in JBR, its assortment ranges from good to luxurious. Restaurants, shopping and entertainment centers, proximity to schools and hospitals – this is not the whole list of the advantages of this area. Naturally, it also has its drawbacks. The main thing expats call the high cost of real estate JBR, so that the apartments and villas in this area – only for people of the wealthy. There is nothing to do here for lovers of silence or those who cannot imagine their lives without gardens and parks.

  • Dubai Marina

This is perhaps the second most popular area in Dubai. Its main advantage is its proximity to the sea, to well-groomed private and public beaches, but unlike JBR, Dubai Marina is a cleaner and more peaceful area. This is one of the new districts in Dubai that was built on an artificial island primarily to attract foreign investment in the real estate market. There are both luxurious villas and no less luxurious city apartments with a large area. Everything is in abundance here: cafes, restaurants, shops, and beach clubs. The metro and bus stops are close by. Naturally, property prices in such an area simply cannot be low. In addition to the high housing cost, this area has some other disadvantages: endless construction projects, parking problems, traffic jams, and lack of greenery.

  • Emirates Hills

This green area is ideal for couples with small children. Here you can hide from the hustle and bustle of Dubai, take a break from traffic jams and a large crowd of people. Despite the remoteness from the center, Emirates Hills has all the necessary infrastructure: restaurants, cafes, shops, public pools, and many parks. It is very safe here, since order is maintained not only by the police, but also by private security firms.

There are Many other areas and districts where you can choose property. You can find information about them as well as other useful articles on our website.

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