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Four Seasons Life 2 - Sea Storm 1+1

For Sale Flat - Iskele, Boğaz, property-Details.north-cyprus

£ 111,500

Four Seasons Life 2 - Sea Storm 1+1 Four Seasons Life 2 - Sea Storm 1+1 Four Seasons Life 2 - Sea Storm 1+1
Four Seasons Life 2 - Sea Storm 1+1 Four Seasons Life 2 - Sea Storm 1+1

Hızlı Bakış

101evler İlan No #219244 İlan Tarihi 06/08/2021
Konum Iskele, Boğaz Tapu Türü Exchange Deeds
Durum For Sale Emlak Türü Houses / Flat
Metrekare 54 m2
Oda Sayısı 1+1 Banyo 1
Bina Yaşı Proje Aşamasında Kat Sayısı 2
Eşya Durumu Unfurnished Dairenin Katı 1


Offering a life full of privileges, Four Seasons Life 2 offers investors the chance to experience the untouched beauty of the Mediterranean, with a visionary perspective that brings happiness and peace. Four Seasons Life 2 emphasizes the extraordinary beauty of Iskele while preserving the natural structure of the region.

An Incredible Green Living SpaceThe project uses a land area of 61,000 m2, a construction area of 20,000 m2, with a total of 53,000 m2 of landscape and open areas and 15,000 m2 of green space, in total there are 20,000 plants and trees to show our dedication to the environment. Four Seasons Life 2 consists of a total of 310 residences and 16 commercial units, an eye-catching interior design, with functions to meet all your needs, allowing you to find peace and happiness.  

Social Activity Areas;    Within the project, which is designed to be disabled-friendly, we offer facilities such as an outdoor swimming pool, indoor swimming pool, aqua park, bicycle and walking paths, fitness, spa / massage - beauty center, tennis, basketball and volleyball courts, restaurant, café, bar, roof terrace, beach bar, There is also a kids club and many other social activities. Four seasons life 2, has all the necessities of living a comfortable and quality life, the project has received up to 30% pre-demand before the launch.