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 Dear Customers,

      Our Founder and Director of IQ Group of Companies and Duet Academy is Vedat Misirlisoy.

     Vedat Misirlisoy, who is an academician and businessman, has started his career as a public officer, has worked in Ministry of Finance and Economics and later in Land Registry for years.

     While doing his MBA degree, our Manager Vedat Misirlisoy has found a chance to work with one of the greatest Marketing consultants of Turkey Professor of Marmara University Dr. Ali Haydar Aksoy.

     Having a great experience in real estate development and marketing Vedat Misirlisoy has started his business life by establishing in 1996 a Real Estate Company named Emlak Pazarı.

    IQ Property and Development, the first institutional Real Estate and Construction Company in Cyprus, has been established in 2002 and has been the industry leader for 15 years.

   In our 20th year, we have reached GLOBAL dimension by incorporating IQ Global Real Estate Ltd.,  and are going ahead fast in order to become a WORLD BRAND.

With Kind Regars

İQ Global Real Estate Ltd.