What is the Legend of Yuzbir Evler?

One of the most well-known legends of our island, which is almost a legend, is of course St. Hilarion Castle and 101 houses. Named after a monk who spent the last years of his life in worship in Cyprus, St. Hilarion Castle M.S. It was built by the Byzantines in the 11th century.

Located in the olive grove (Templos) village, St. Hilarion Castle is known as “Hundred Houses” and the castle is said to have 101 rooms. According to the legend, a group of young people from Zeytinlik village; they decided to visit the castle, what a coincidence, that day is the day of wishes. It was the only day when all wishes come true, known only as once every forty years.

That day, the door of the 101st room in the castle was opened to a magnificent garden full of treasures. When the youth of the village came through the door, they were stunned by all that wealth. While they were trying to take everything they could find inside, from gold to silver, from crown to sword, they did not realize that time was passing and their time was running out. The door is closed… They slept trapped until the door was opened again forty years later.

Forty years later, when the door was opened again, they returned to their homes and villages, but neither the village they left nor the people they loved were there....

Magic filled with treasures; No one has yet found this 101st room in the castle, which reveals a garden. So, are you wondering if that 101st room inside the castle really exists, and if there is, that mystical garden full of treasures behind this door?

While we were choosing our name so that a legend of our country is not forgotten and remembered for many years before we bring our website to you, St. We were inspired by the 101st room of Hilarion Castle.

Just like the legend of hundred and one houses, we are sure that the 101evler site will be legendary for years to come....

We do not know if you can find the 101st room of the castle, but we are sure that you can find the property of your dreams and the most suitable property for you with a detailed search on our website.

St Hillarion Castle Cyprus Kyrenia
St Hillarion Castle Cyprus Kyrenia
St Hillarion Castle Cyprus Kyrenia
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