Real estate in Turkey is perfect? No, it is not

Real estate in Turkey is perfect? No, it is not

Turkey is associated with endless hospitality, long summers and a generally mild climate, which at the same time has nothing to do with the sweltering heat. Real estate in Turkey is increasingly connected with quality, large living spaces and at the same time low price. Lots of foreigners can’t choose between a property in Istanbul and real estate for sale in Alanya. But are there really no negative sides in this fairy tale? Let’s try to figure it out.

Types of real estate in Turkey for purchase and rent

In Turkey, you can both buy and rent real estate:

  • In old buildings where most of the residents are local;
  • In new buildings, where Turks and foreigners are equally.

New development projects will be much more expensive than old ones.

Old houses in Turkey

Old Turkish buildings can still have their own yard and a closed territory with a fence. Such buildings have a lower cost, but there are significant disadvantages:

  • Sound insulation. Old Turkish houses have poor sound insulation, and Turks, who also live in large families, often behave very noisily.
  • Garbage. The problem with garbage in such houses is more common: the territory can be heavily littered.
  • Sewerage. An incorrigible problem is a bad smell from the sewer.

New construction projects

New residential projects are often devoid of such problems, but sound insulation is a parameter that is better checked in each individual case. What’s more, modern residences offer a number of advantages on the territory for residents:

  • video surveillance and 24/7 security, spacious parking;
  • swimming pools: outdoor with slides and sun beds, pools for children;
  • gym;
  • sports grounds: football, basketball, tennis;
  • entertainment: table tennis, billiards, games room and even bowling;
  • SPA area: sauna, hammam, steam room;
  • equipped barbecue areas;
  • playgrounds with slides and swings;
  • Wi-Fi.

Our assistance in choosing real estate in Turkey

You can find out more about the districts and cities of Turkey, as well as interesting rental and sale offers on the official Turk.Estate website. Go to the aggregator’s website, where only real estate offers are presented. Use the search to find real estate by price, location or other parameters of interest to you and contact specialists. They will help you with the choice!

You do not need to pay extra for all this. The use of public places is included in the aidat and usually amounts to about EUR 25 – EUR 30 per month. Given such a large amount of entertainment, it’s very profitable!